Adult and Continuing Education AIKOPA

AIKOPA consists of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences education services and the continuing education unit of the University of Oulu. At a regional, national and international level we offer educational services, research and development services and expert services. Our operations enable our clients to find the service they need under the same roof. Our commitment is to develop activities based on the feedback received from our clients, employees and on our results. Our multi-disciplinary, comprehensive partner network ensures that an extensive selection of expertise in education and development is at the disposal of our clients. 

Our aim is to develop our clients' skills and to maintain their proficiency. Training is an investment, which improves the competitiveness of working communities both regionally and internationally. We provide services for businesses, private and public organisations and individuals requiring our expertise. Our selection of education and training covers early years to senior citizens. During training planning we always consider the needs of working life and the life situations of our mature students. 

AIKOPA enables you to organise and achieve: 
     ► Vocational expertise in a specialised area 
     ► Open Studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
     ► Special education teacher trainings 
     ► Projects 
     ► Personnel training 
     ► Master and doctoral studies (doctoral school) 
     ► Intercultural competence training 
     ► Continuing education for teachers 
     ► Art and culture training 
     ► Theme seminars 
     ► Working life and organisation development and training 
     ► Continuing education for early-years teachers 
For further information, please contact 

Ms Irene Salomäki, Development Manager
Tel. +35840 838 0923